“He’s one of my best friends…”

This Facebook post is real life. I do research on sexual assault and violence and have interviewed many victims. It happens way more than any one person knows. 

The scariest part is that it IS best friends, best friend’s siblings, long term dating situations, childhood friends… anyone. The illusion that only strangers or people you met at a party or on the internet are the only danger is just that, an illusion. 

All I can say is trust your gut, listen to your instincts, and don’t be alone with someone if you get even the slightest creepy vibe. And of course, hats off to these awesome ladies who did something!


The plane is not your bedroom

Ok… I am a self proclaimed travel snob. I spent a year flying for a job and I learned and saw a lot. I’m sure I will end up posting many travel etiquette rants here, and if you do these things, I’m sure you’re still a wonderful person. Today’s travel rant is:

The airport and the plane are public places. When you go into public, it is customary to get dressed. I don’t care how ungodly early your flight is, if you are over the age of 5, do not wear pajamas on the plane.

P.S. RDU airport was on the ball this morning with TSA. Security was maybe the fastest ever.

Creative genius 

I have three absolutely precious nephews. They are the loves of  life. I came down to my sister’s last night and the boys were in bed when I got there. After they ran in to wake me up this morning, the youngest two apparently made me a bed downstairs in case I wanted to go back to sleep after I got up. They know Aunty likes to sleep 🙂

They even brought over the computer they made the other day.

I am astounded at the creativity of these little guys. I was a creative child and they have surpassed me. I am so happy their creativity and imagination have not been stifled by school, or peers, or older brothers. Everyone lets them be who they are. For the rest of their lives I will encourage them to never change.

Birthdays in Heaven

Today is my mom’s 1st birthday in Heaven.  She would have been 66 today.Birthday-In-Heaven-Cards-For-Your-Birthday-In-Heaven

This next year is going to be full of a lot of firsts without mom. In just the last two months, I had my first birthday, first mother’s day, and now mom’s first birthday. Honestly, sometimes it doesn’t seem real that she’s gone.

I know today must be extremely hard for my Aunt. I can’t imagine having a birthday without your identical twin. For 65 years, she has shared a birthday with her best friend, and today she has to do it alone. My heart breaks for her. Today is simply going to be a hard day.


Being competent can suck 

This interesting article from the Atlantic shares study results on whether more competent people are given more work (they are) for the same reward as the less competent. 

It made me think about the people I work with and, at the very least, I should be more appreciative of the competent ones. 

*runs out to buy chocolates*

State Records


My dad after winning his age group in a 10k

Last year, my dad set the state record in his age group for a 20k (up Paris Mountain). This morning, at the Governor’s Cup Half-Marathon in Columbia, SC, he set the state record for his age group for the half-marathon.

My dad ran a half-marathon on the new course in 1:39:57.

What?! My dad is 70-ish. The only thing I can do in 1:40:00 is watch a movie. Needless to say, I am SO PROUD!! This race was a Road Runners Club of America race, so he also won the Male Senior Master’s (60+). According to The State, all of the runners reported that this course was one of the hardest they’ve run.

Into the Woods

into-the-woods-still05I didn’t see Into the Woods until last month (April, 2016). I had heard people who had seen it in the theater and said it was the longest, most boring movie ever. Needless to say, I was not in a rush to see it.

When I finally did see it, I was so pleasantly surprised! I watched it at the perfect time in my life and the last song in the woods just slayed me. The messages in the movie are simple yet uplifting (especially if you just lost your mom). The cast is also superb and on fleek (did I use that correctly?)

If you’re not into musicals, then yeah, you won’t like it. If you grew up belting out Annie like I did, I would watch it. I’m now listening to the Original Cast Broadway soundtrack while I work on packing and going through things.

P.S. Chris Pine, y’all.