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Proud to be…

When I saw this awesome show of patriotism, I knew the instant he put his pole down that he was military.

As an Army brat, I beg you all, when you hear the National Anthem, stop walking, stop talking, and respect what it all stands for. If he can stop in the middle of his Olympic qualifying, you can stop in the middle of whatever you’re doing. (This especially means when you’re at sporting events. It doesn’t matter who is singing, what matters is what it represents.)

The New Life Begins…


First, I have moved out of my house and spent the last month or so house-hopping and pet-sitting. Sorry for the absence, but it has all been so crazy! Hopefully only 2 more months until my new home is built!

Today marked another huge change in my life. After 9 years in the same role as a Methodologist, I transferred over to a different division at my company today to become a Research Associate. Instead of focusing on surveys, I now get to focus on substantive areas relating to Criminology.

I’m glad I am staying at my same company, but moving to a new division is a big deal. There are wonderful people I am so sad to be leaving, but I’m excited to do some new work. This was not what I had planned, but things change and sometimes you have to change with them.

I truly believe this is a good thing. I asked God to show me the right path, so I’m going to put my whole heart into walking it.

I really miss my mom right now, though.