The New Life Begins…


First, I have moved out of my house and spent the last month or so house-hopping and pet-sitting. Sorry for the absence, but it has all been so crazy! Hopefully only 2 more months until my new home is built!

Today marked another huge change in my life. After 9 years in the same role as a Methodologist, I transferred over to a different division at my company today to become a Research Associate. Instead of focusing on surveys, I now get to focus on substantive areas relating to Criminology.

I’m glad I am staying at my same company, but moving to a new division is a big deal. There are wonderful people I am so sad to be leaving, but I’m excited to do some new work. This was not what I had planned, but things change and sometimes you have to change with them.

I truly believe this is a good thing. I asked God to show me the right path, so I’m going to put my whole heart into walking it.

I really miss my mom right now, though.


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